Custom Textbooks for $15?

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education  featured University of Tennessee at Knoxville professor, Daniel Flint, because compiled “100 pages of material in one customized package for his students”.

According to the article, there’s a website that goes beyond what applications like Apple’s Pages does (one thing it can do is make/format ebooks).

Alex Campbell writes, “Mr. Flint, a professor of marketing at the university, used a new build-your-own-textbook service called AcademicPub, which arranged payment of royalties and compiled the material for publication. His students were given three options for buying the book: Download a digital edition for $14.95, get it in paperback for $27, or go for the hardcover for $45.”

What do you think about this (beyond just the great reduction in cost)? Would you prefer a text compiled by an instructor? Are there ethical issues if he or she gets paid a portion of the sales/royalties?


2 thoughts on “Custom Textbooks for $15?

  1. Very effective! Instead of spending 150 for a textbook that your professor may choose to reference or not, the professor created a custom one. Very genius to me. Who wants to pay for a book with 18 chapters when you only study five of those?

  2. I love this Idea! Not just because it would be way more cost effective, but because the material would be more effective. I’ve never been in any class where we actually got through all the curriculum written in the book. SO it would just be smarter all-around to do this. And since none of the information is really his, he shouldn’t get the rights or royalties.


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